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What makes us different from other Will writing companies and estate planners?

Here at Strategic Asset Protection, we don't just write your Will, we take the time to get to know you and what you would like your Will to achieve after you have gone. 

Not all wills are written the same.

Is a DIY Will better than a bespoke Will?

Your will is the most important document you will ever write and the fact you are reading this tells us you are looking for something different to a cheap online DIY Will that is written by automated software. These systems aren't interested in you, your legacy or how your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries or even if the distribution is the most tax-efficient or protects the assets for your loved ones.

Here at Strategic Asset Protection, we get to know you and the make-up of your estate and your wishes for your estate after you have gone. This is done to ensure we offer you the best advice to make sure your assets are fully protected for future generations.

What's in a basic Will?

A basic Will distributes your assets directly to your chosen beneficiaries with no protection over those assets, or any thought as to their current situation.  In other words, if you left a legacy gift to one of your children, who then later went on to get divorced because you gave the legacy outright to your child it would site within their estate and when they go through the divorce process 50% of those assets could be lost to the ex-spouse including what you wanted your child to benefit from.

Would you want that?

Subsequently, if you left a legacy to a child who already had a large estate you have just created a greater inheritance tax issue for that child when they die meaning potentially 40% of what you left them could be paid away in inheritance tax.

Not what you intended for your hard work!

How to protect your assets after you die

The solution to these problems is to think about protecting your assets by having them pass into trusts when you die. After we have taken some information from you regarding your estate and assets held, we will provide you with an estate planning report outlining our recommendation to you on how best to protect your assets for your loved ones, by ensuring they are not lost to Divorce, marriage after death, creditor claims, care fees or even generational inheritance tax.

We charge £150+ VAT for this report but this is deducted from the total cost of any planning we put in place for you if you decide to proceed. Please see our estate planning fees for individual prices.

Bespoke Wills

Get in touch with our Will writers to see how we tailor your will writing for you and your family.


Need help writing a Will?

Our Will writers take the time to get to know you and what you would like your Will to achieve after you have gone. Not all Wills are written the same.

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