You know you need one—you just haven't gotten around to it yet. Here's why creating a will needs to move to the top of every parent's to-do list.

If you were to die suddenly, what would happen to your kids? This is a scenario no parent wants to think about but preparing for it could spare your family a great deal of delay, expense and even conflict as they navigate their new reality without you. Preparing a will ensures that your wishes—both for your children and your estate—will be known and, assuming you have fulfilled your legal obligations, followed.

Writing a Will is the most important document you will ever write especially if you have children, not to do so puts your children at risk of being taken into care and being made wards or court. Do you really want that just because you didn’t get around to writing a will?

Without a will, you will die intestate meaning you get the government will. With the government will law decides what happens and who benefits from your estate and chances are the people that benefit wouldn’t be who you would want to benefit.

Peace of mind can be achieved by putting writing a will at the top of your to-do list today.

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