Why You Should Consider a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan
Why You Should Consider a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is the easy way to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance.  It provides reassurance that your final wishes are in place, long before they are needed, protecting your loved ones against the unnecessary expense or in any doubt about what you would have wanted.

What are the benefits?

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance provide many benefits.

  • Your final wishes are clear
  • Let loved ones know what you want
  • Financial peace of mind
  • Flexible ways to pay for your plan
  • Simple and easy to implement
  • Full flexible and Guaranteed

Funerals are something we just don’t want to talk about and it’s the same with wills because we think that won’t happen to us?? What a silly thought!! There are two certainties in life Death & Taxes, all you can do is prepare.

We are all adults and we should all know that bad things happen.  Without the right planning in place, all you are doing is leaving the cost, emotional heartache, and stress to your loved ones after you have gone.  Did you know the average cost of a funeral here in the UK is £4271*, will your family be able to find that kind of money to pay for your funeral??

Here at Strategic Wills, we have teamed up with Dignity Funeral Plans to offer our clients the ability to purchase their pre-paid funeral plans. Dignity are funeral specialists, its all they do and have done for decades.  Over 910,000 people have arranged their funerals in advance with dignity, they have over 1,200 funeral directors across the UK either owned or approved by Dignity handling over 70,000 funerals a year. 

Dignity has proudly served the needs of our local communities for many years, providing support and guidance to local families with their funeral arrangements, making sure every detail is exactly as they wanted. 

There are four plans to choose from ranging in price from £2995 up to £3995 if paid as a single lump sum, or there are payment plans to help you budget.

Getting a funeral plan just like and Will is the right thing to do, it ensures what you want happens and it doesn’t leave the financial burden on your family.  If you want more information or to chat through your plans please take a look at the website www.strategicwills.co.uk or call Mike on 01249 704863.


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